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5 Tips of Job Interview

Job Interview’s 5 Tips

Every Jobs need a interview before join the job. Interview is very important thing of a job. Interview decided that, your are perfect or not. So interview is very important. Now we give you some tips about interview. This tips help you to give interview. 5 Tips of Job Interview.

Job Interview Tips

  1. Positive Focus: Positive talk appeals to why you want things like challenges, opportunity, career development, community, what you have to offer. simply tells the organization what you are likely to say about them in last 6 months. You are looking for a (new) job because it will make you and the world a better place.
  1. Be professional: Dress and talk & body language as if you know what it means to be a professional. That usually means you dress inconspicuously. You don’t want the way you dressed to be what people talk about later unless you’re in the fashion industry. Being professional means you know about the issues related to your field or area of expertise. Professionals don’t know it all and they aren’t trying to be your lifelong bud. Humor is good, even important, but recognize that it isn’t the main show.
  1. Know why you want the job: Know why in the short term, in the long term, and why it fits with your career goals. This comes up in almost every job interview, whether you recognize it or it. It is the “Why us?” question. What does this job have to offer you? 
  1. Create alternatives: You create alternatives by applying at multiple places. A wise woman once told me to apply to many places. You can’t possibly know how much you would like working in a town you’ve never been in or in an environment that you’ve never worked in. The closest you can get to knowing is to apply. So aim high and low, and get some choices.
  1. Practice, practice, practice: Practice answering interview questions. giving talks Practice. Practice talking about your past achievements. Read books or web pages on how to give good interviews and how to answer hard questions. “Why do you want to leave your current job, isn’t it great?” “Why haven’t you been more productive?” “What’s your biggest weakness?”
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